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Return Policy

  • A liberal Returns Policy: -

    We have have a liberal no questions asked return policy. Merchandize can be returned to the nearest DakshCrafts representative within 30 days of receiving of the Shipment.

    Where do you send your return: -

    We also make it extremely easy to send your returns. You do not need to send them all the way to India. You can ship the returns to our country representative nearest to you. As soon as the returns reach our representatives, and we are informed, we make refund within 48 hours. We do not ask you the reasons for return.

    Refunds on returns :-

    • The cost of local shipping to our local representative is to be borne by the customers.
    • Customs duties or taxes, if applicable, shall be refunded only to customers who do not return the received merchandise.
    • In case of custom duties levied on merchandise being returned back to us, DakshCrafts shall refund only the cost of the goods less the custom duties, if refunded earlier at the time of delivery.
    • At any point of time, refunds to never exceed the original cost of the goods.

    Our return policy is a result of our confidence in our products. 

    Every product is triple checked before it is shipped. Since we handpick our retail stock, the first quality check takes place at the time of buying, at the artisan's premises. The second manual check takes place before those products are entered into our stock database and are exhibited on the website. The final and the most important quality check takes place before the products are shipped to the customer.

    Total returns we have received so far account for less than 2% of our revenue.